Become an Ambassador &
Drive the Engagement

Ambassadors are our Intrapreneurs. Building innovative ideas and Driving their community engagement

  • Get a Badge of Honor
  • Earn referral fee for growing your community
  • Design and drive competitions
  • Earn experience certificate
  • Gain respect and recognition

Role of StockGro Ambassador

Build Social Community

Ambassador evangelises StockGro in his social community.

Create discussion platform

Ambassador invites his friends to join his group for discussing various investments.

Launch Competitons

Ambassador sets-up competitions through StockGro for his friends to put together best performing portfolio and get rewarded .

Drive Financial Literacy

Ambassador helps drive financial literacy in his community and share educational content.

Become Investment Catalyst

Ambassador encourages his community to follow different themes and investors in the StockGro ecosystem.

Become an Influencer

Ambassador becomes a popular influencer helping his community make the right investment decisions.